What’s the Difference Between a Blacksmith and a Farrier?

What’s the Difference Between a Blacksmith and a Farrier?

If you’re interested in the applications of blacksmithing training or looking into similar careers, you may have discovered the title “farrier.” Many people end up confusing blacksmiths and farriers. If you find yourself asking, “What’s the difference between a blacksmith and a farrier?” keep reading to find out.

What Is a Farrier?

A farrier is someone who works with horses and cares for their hooves. Farriers trim horses’ hooves and handle the task of putting on horseshoes. Many farriers also know how to craft horseshoes themselves so that they can create a perfect fit for each horse they work with. They know how to maintain horseshoes and care for a horse’s feet.

What Is a Blacksmith?

On the other hand, a blacksmith trains with a forge and learns various metal shaping and forming processes. Blacksmiths must have extensive knowledge of many types of metals and tools. This way, they can have complete control over their materials. They can create many different types of forged products, including but not limited to horseshoes.

The Differences

While farriers are similar to blacksmiths in some ways, there are distinct differences between the two professions. Farriers may possess some blacksmithing knowledge to create horseshoes. However, blacksmiths have the skills to make far more than horseshoes. While some basic blacksmithing skills may intersect for both professions, each has its own specific role. A blacksmith isn’t responsible for shoeing the horse; in fact, some blacksmiths may never even create horseshoes or encounter a horse.

We hope this look into each career helps explain the difference between a blacksmith and a farrier. Whether you’re a farrier looking to craft the most accurate horseshoes or a blacksmith who wants to expand your skills, you can count on Cast Master Elite for all your equipment needs. We carry propane forge kits that are perfect for those of any skill level and specification.

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