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In an era of changing times, people are forging a new path for their lives.​

The days of working for the man for 40 years are gone like black & white TV. Today people work on their passions to craft a life of fun, fulfillment, and  fortune. The DIY movement has progressed from hobbies in a spare room for kicks to a viable way to support oneself. Now DIY is a stellar way to earn a living doing something that fills your creative soul with happiness.  

Cast Master is the best source for equipment and supplies for do-it-yourself projects, crafters, artisans, hobbyists, and a wide range of creatives who turn their art into income. Our affordable products allow you to follow your dreams of making your way in life on your terms. Whether you’re just starting your project as a side-hustle or ready to take the plunge and go all-in as a full-time artisan business, we make it easy for you to do with our high-quality products at reasonable prices.

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Hello, My Name is Felix and I am Your Cast Master Elite Shop Expert.

Felix knows the Cast Master product line like no one else. He can handle any questions about our equipment, how it works, and which products are best for your project. Please feel free to call or contact.

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We support the DIY Artisan with a full line of products and supplies designed to help.