Using Different Metals in the Same Crucible

Using Different Metals in the Same Crucible

The practice of using different metals in the same crucible is a hot topic in the blacksmithing community. Whether you are a professional or a hobbyist blacksmith, experts and beginners alike should know the standard for using the same crucible for different materials. In fact, most experienced blacksmiths would advise against melting different metals in the same crucible.

Why It Is Not Recommended

The reason that you want to avoid using the same crucible for different types of metal is due to the possibility of contamination. Even after completely emptying the crucible between uses, you still risk cross-contamination when switching between different types of metals. And if you are a professional blacksmith looking for the highest quality materials and results, this is a risk you don’t want to take.

When You Might Want To Use One Crucible

However, the distinction of using different crucibles for different metals may not apply to hobbyist blacksmiths as heavily. While it is still recommended, this rule doesn’t always have to be followed. The stability of a tool is not as crucial if it is being used for personal or experimental reasons over professional or commercial ones. There may also be reasons you wish to break this rule. For example, you may want to experiment with purposefully combining materials and metals if they are compatible.


If your craft goes beyond the hobbyist level, you might want to separate your crucibles and your different materials. Invest in a crucible for each type of metal or alloy your plan on working with. Rather than mixing your metals in one container, having multiple crucibles will help you guarantee the structure and purity of your products.

We hope that that this has shed some light on the practice of using different metals in the same crucible and why you might want to avoid this. If you plan on working with a variety of metals and are looking to invest in multiple crucibles, check out Cast Master Elite for foundry crucibles for sale. Avoid cross-contamination and strengthen the makeup of your products by investing in your own different crucibles ahead of time.

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