Top Backyard Fire-Pit Safety Tips for Fall

Top Backyard Fire-Pit Safety Tips for Fall

The fall season brings the perfect weather for campfires. Some people may even call autumn the ideal campfire season Since there’s nothing better than cozying up by the fire pit on a chilly evening. If you plan to camp out more than ever this season, make sure you know the top backyard fire-pit safety tips for fall.

Proper Fire Pit Placement

The first place to start when it comes to fire pit safety is the location of your fire pit. Place your fire fit in an open area at least 10 feet away from any buildings, trees, or other flammable objects. Make sure you check overhead to ensure that no tree branches extend over your fire pit. Keep the ground around the fire pit free of rocks, fallen leaves, branches, and other debris. All this keeps the fire from spreading and ensures your walkway is clear of tripping hazards.

Use the Right Fuel

The next step to a safe fire pit is to use the right materials to start and fuel your fire. Never use gasoline, lighter fluid, or other chemicals to start your fire, as these pose a serious risk of explosions and spreading fire. The proper way to start a fire is to light small kindling like paper, twigs, and sticks and slowly add to it as it grows. Only use dry, seasoned logs and firewood to feed the fire from there. Stay away from using plywood and building woods, as the coatings on these woods release toxins into the air as they burn.

Prepare Safety Measures

Now that you have your fire blazing to keep everyone warm and cozy, make sure you have everything on hand to tend to it. You may want a metal fire poker and heat-resistant gloves to shift or adjust logs—just remember to keep a safe distance. Even before you start the fire, you should have a bucket of water or sand at the ready to extinguish the fire once you’re done or if it gets out of hand. You could even bring a fire extinguisher out with you if you wanted to be extra careful. And always monitor your fire while it burns—never leave it unattended. Make sure to teach any children in attendance how far they should stay from the fire and not to get too close.

Now you know the top backyard fire-pit safety tips for fall just in time for those end-of-the-year campfire parties. If you enjoy a good outdoor fire in the fall, consider upgrading your old campfire to a smoke-free fire pit. These modern fire pits are perfect for backyard use, especially if you get frustrated by the smoke from a traditional campfire. Check out these fire pits at Cast Master Elite to start throwing the best neighborhood campfire parties around.

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