Though smelting can describe the process of deriving metal from ore, hobbyists and artisans also use this term to describe the process of melting down precious metals to create something new. Using modern smelting methods to melt down metallic objects requires the use of proper equipment, extreme heat, and specific steps in order to achieve your desired result. Understanding the process of how smelting works for jewelry makers and other metalworkers will help you obtain the necessary tools and knowledge to create your perfect products.


There are many metal options that you can melt down and turn into new objects. All metals melt at different temperatures, and it is important to understand the characteristics of the metal you choose to work with so you know what is required to make it work for you. Extracting gold, silver, platinum, or other precious metals from scrap metal, old jewelry plating, or industrial waste are several options for today’s artisan smelters.


Modern smelting uses high pressure and various chemicals to separate the metal from its impurities. Each metal has a specific temperature that it must be heated to in order to properly melt. Many smelters use Borax because it helps dissolve oxides and impurities in gold and silver. Additionally, it produces a fluid borate slag that collects molten metal on the surface.


It is important that you take precautions when smelting. Understanding the materials and chemicals you’re using is important. Similarly, your equipment plays a large role in the safety and efficiency of this type of metalwork. Cast Master Elite has created smelting furnace kits to take your hobby to the next level. With quality products, you have the ability to do large amounts of smelting in a small amount of time. The design and features of this equipment help reduce oxidation during your work. Dependability, efficiency, and safety as you explore the world of smelting are our top priorities.

The process of how smelting works is an intricate one. Knowing what tools you’ll need to be successful and understanding proper techniques will help you produce quality pieces from old objects in a safe and beautiful way. Explore the key features of our deluxe propane smelting furnace kit and be on your way to creating awe-inspiring art.

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