The Do-It-Yourself & Gig Economy

The worldwide economy is currently being rocked by a recession brought on by the global coronavirus pandemic. Tens of millions of workers are out of a job in the United States and worldwide many more millions have lost their job as well. There is more uncertainty in the labor market than anytime since the Great Depression of the early 1900’s or the Great Recession of the early 2010’s. This is creating a lot of stress and unrest as people look to governments and their employers for signs of help and indicators of what will happen with their career. It’s an economic trend that is likely to continue for several years as efforts to find a vaccine and defeat the coronavirus pandemic are explored and researched.

Another trend in the labor market that has been growing over the last few years is the gig economy and the do-it-yourself home business. Many workers have opted out of the corporate rat race to become their own boss across a wide range of industries around the world. Many see this as preferable for waiting for the news to drop that their job has eliminated or outsourced, or their company closes down during these tough times. Workers are beginning to realize that working for one company their entire career as their parents and even grandparents might have done may not be a solid career path in the 2020’s and beyond.

A significant portion of the new economy moving forward is being driven by small businesses, gig workers and artisans who are turning their hobby from something they enjoy during downtime into a viable career path. A few years ago it was estimated that 40% of workers in the United States would be working for themselves as a gig worker, contracted worker or small business owner.

Some people are using their vehicle to earn a good living with ride-share services like Uber and Lyft. Others are taking advantage of record high gold prices by using improved technology to mine gold that old-timers missed with their crude machinery, or they’re buying scrap materials and broken jewelry for it’s valuable gold content.

Many people have turned their passion for cooking into a career with low-cost food truck operations, catering businesses or personal chef services for busy families with two income earners. Art, jewelry and crafts makers are finding success selling their art online with sites such as Etsy, Amazon Handmade, Artfire, Ebay, Zibbet, IndieMade, Cratejoy, iCraft and Bonanza.

Another trend influencing the economy and people’s career choices is called the Great Inflection. The Great Inflection is the spread of low-cost, yet high-powered innovation technologies and increased connectivity. The smartphone in your pocket is a prime example. Many of them have the same computing power that a roomful of computers had just a few decades ago. You can easily do tasks that only IBM could accomplish in the 1960’s. The probative cost of technology is something that has prevented everyone but large corporations and wealthy elites from being able to take advantage of their power to make money. Increasingly though, this simply isn’t’ the case. A desktop computer and software that costs less than $2000 total is enough for a creative person to start their own business doing things like making websites, photography, art, and content publishing.

In much the same way that inexpensive computers have helped many workers create their own business from their talent, inexpensive equipment to work with metals has opened the door for many artisans. People who create jewelry, sculptures and crafts can purchase the equipment they need to make items that they would have needed to send to a foundry or a company with the equipment they lack to produce their works. Cast Master Elite has a line of inexpensive smelting equipment that is ideal for people who are turning their art into income, and even a career. Our equipment is such a good bargain that we have been deemed an Amazon Top Seller. That’s high praise indeed!

If you want to secure your own future in the trying times and economy of 2020, Cast Master Elite is hear to help you. Our products include high-quality and low-cost lines of home smelting equipment, home cooking equipment, home forging equipment and outdoor lifestyle products. Cast Master Elite products will allow you to turn your passion into a career and forge your own path in life.

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