Essential Tools for Beginner Bladesmiths

Essential Tools for Beginner Bladesmiths

For those who want to try bladesmithing, the practice might seem intimidating at first. The good news is that bladesmithing and blacksmithing share a lot of the same tools and practices, so if you want to be a great bladesmith, you might already have everything you need. To get started, here are some of the essential tools for beginner bladesmiths, whether you have previous experience blacksmithing or not.


The forge is where you will heat your materials. In order to form and work with metals to create a blade, you will need to heat them to be more malleable. This is the first step of the bladesmithing process and where you will start when it comes to investing in tools.


After heating the metal piece, bladesmiths bring the malleable metal to the anvil, where shaping takes place. The anvil is important for having a strong, steady surface to work on during the hammering process.


Choosing the right hammers is particularly important to the bladesmithing art. As a beginner, choose multi-purpose models such as the basic ball or cross peen hammers. Hammers and the different techniques you use with them are how you will form your metal material into the basic blade shape.


Tongs are essential for moving your red-hot materials from the forge to the anvil and elsewhere around the workshop.

Clamps & Vises

Clamps and vises can help keep your work in place while you perform detail work. Welders’ clamps are perfect for holding up to extreme blacksmithing and bladesmithing conditions.

Sandpaper & Knife Stones

You’ll need various means to sharpen your blades. Sandpaper and knife sharpening stones will be your most accessible and budget-friendly options. As you progress in your bladesmithing hobby and hone your skills, you may consider upgrading to the more professional and expensive surface grinder for sharpening.

If you are considering picking up bladesmithing as a hobby or career, these are the tools you will need. You can find these essential tools for beginner bladesmiths and more at Cast Master Elite. If you are looking for forging equipment for sale for bladesmithing or blacksmithing, check out our vast inventory of products.

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