Elite BON 2000 Dual Purpose Smokeless Bonfire / Grill

Cast Master Elite is gearing up for fall and winter with our new BON 2000 Dual Purpose Smokeless Bonfire & Grill. The blissful warm summer evenings are beginning to fade and be replaced with cool, crisp autumn nights. We know you still want to enjoy your outdoor lifestyle and Cast Master Elite brings you the perfect solution, our smokeless bonfire pit that doubles as a grill. It’s perfect to warm up your outdoor gathering spot without getting your favorite hoodie or sweater smoky and smelly. No lingering odors will transfer into your home from this fire. You’ll just enjoy the warmth and glow of burning wood, as night begins to creep up on us all sooner and sooner.

It’s said that where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Well, Cast Master Elite says where there’s fire, there doesn’t have to be smoke. The reason that a fire produces smoke is that the wood doesn’t burn completely. The proper combination of oxygen, fuel, and heat causes complete combustion and virtually no smoke. The way most fire pits work is the wood sits on the bottom and very little oxygen can get into the pit, resulting in the smoky fire you typically see.

The Cast Master Elite BON 2000 Dual Purpose Smokeless Bonfire & Grill is built fundamentally different. The wood is elevated to the middle of our pit, and specially engineered holes in the bottom and sides of the bonfire pit circulate air around the whole fire. This increased oxygen flow allows the fire to burn hotter, and a hotter fire releases barely any smoke. And since the wood burns more completely, there is very little ash to clean up, which we know is a bonus everyone can appreciate.

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