What the Size Number of a Crucible Means

What the Size Number of a Crucible Means

If you’re new to shopping for blacksmithing equipment, some of the terminology might be foreign to you. One of these concepts is the sizing numbers for crucibles and how they work. Some blacksmithing veterans haven’t even learned about crucible sizing numbers yet, or they learned late into their careers. Keep reading to find out exactly what the size number of a crucible means for all your future blacksmithing tool shopping.

Which Numbers To Look For

When purchasing your crucible, you may notice a certain set of numbers in the title or description of the product. In most cases, this sequence of numbers features a number sign and a dash, as well as an abbreviation for kilograms. This sequence looks like this, for example: “#2-4Kg.” Some crucibles even have these numbers indented into the material they’re sculpted out of. You might be able to find them on the inside or outside rims of the crucible, or along the bottom of the dish.

What These Numbers Mean

These numbers are a measurement of the size of the crucible. The number sign and number next to it represent the capacity of aluminum it can hold. Using our earlier example, the “#2” crucible would be able to hold two pounds of aluminum. The second number in the sequence, the “4Kg” refers to the kilograms of brass or bronze materials that the crucible will hold. Having these measurements of common smelting metals helps give you an idea of how much material the crucible holds.

How To Select the Right Crucible for You

Size is an important metric when it comes to selecting the right crucible for your forge, but there are other factors to consider as well. Consider which crucible material is best suited for your forge, what shape will work best, and its heating and cooling rates. Crucible materials can make a significant difference in thermal conductivity and heating rates, so have a few different options in mind before you shop around.

Now that you know what the size number of a crucible means, you can better select the next crucible to fit your forge. If you’re looking to stock your blacksmithing workshop with all the best smelting crucibles and other materials, you can browse our shop right here at Cast Master Elite for crucibles and more.

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